Why should I use Bambu GO?

Bambu GO is designed for financial advisors wanting to reach and engage prospective clients digitally.

Bambu GO can also help advisors:

  • Know more about their client’s financial situation and goals
  • Automatically generate financial plans for their clients
  • Capture client’s contact details for follow-up

What is the difference between Bambu GO Connect and Transact?

Connect is a robo-advisor that lets you create financial plans for prospective clients and capture leads at scale.

Transact takes Connect to the next level. It can handle investment transactions and is equipped with intelligent features like goal health-check and portfolio rebalancing.

Do I need to be a certified financial planner to use Bambu GO?

Yes, you need to be a certified financial advisor to provide financial advice.

How should I use Bambu GO to get the most optimal result?

Once you configure Bambu GO and generate your own robo-advisor link, you may use it to connect your email, social media and other forms of digital marketing.

Instead of just directing prospective clients to your website, now you can use your own robo-advisor to understand their needs, create a financial plan and capture their contact details.

What country does Bambu GO support?

Bambu GO can be used globally.

Can I display my local currency?

As of now, only the US dollar is supported. We will be rolling out global currency support in the near future.

Which company is behind Bambu GO?

You may have guessed–it’s Bambu! We are a wealth-tech company based in Singapore. We have built solutions for leading financial institutions worldwide, such as Franklin Templeton, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Vestwell, and Principal Asset Management. 

For more info about us, visit our company website.