How do I access the advisor platform?

You can access the advisor platform via

Can the link to the advisor platform be customized to match my organisation?

Sorry you can’t do this yet. But we’re working on it!

Is the advisor platform customizable?

The advisor platform itself cannot be customized to match your brand color or display your logo. But on the advisor platform, you can customize the design and features of your the client platform–essentially the robo-advisor that you will use to engage your clients.

What can advisors do on the platform?

On the advisor platform, you can:

  • Personalize the logo and design of your robo-advisor to ensure consistency with your brand
  • Adjust the display and order of your goals according to your expertise
  • Configure the model portfolios to match your offering
  • Write your own content such as your profile so clients can get to know you
  • Set up leads filtering so you only capture clients that are worth your time
  • Upload your own legal documents to comply with the regulations
  • Customize the robo-advisor link that you can share with your clients

Can I view the advisor platform from my mobile device?

Customizing your own robo-advisor is a complex task so we recommend doing it on a larger screen like your desktop or laptop computer.