How will my clients access the platform?

Your clients can access your robo-advisor via a link that you can customize before sharing with them.

Can the link to the client platform be customized to match my organisation?

Yes, you can customize the link of your robo-advisor but it will have to follow to the following format:

Is the client platform customizable?

Absolutely! The design, goals, portfolio and some key contents of your robo-advisor is customizable.

What can my clients do on the platform?

Bambu Go can understand your client’s financial situation and goals. In return, it can generate a financial plan to give your client an idea on how they can achieve their goals.

They may download the generated financial plan to keep as a copy.

And if your clients are interested, they can schedule an appointment with you to discuss the plan further.

Can my clients view the platform from their mobile device?

Yes they can! Tablet and desktop device are supported too.